22-23-24 May 2011
Cooking for Wine (Napoli) “Premio Miglior chef Emergente del Sud Italia”, Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, Banchina Santa Lucia, 13

29-30 April 1-2 May 2011
Squisito 2011 (San Patrignano)

30-31 January 1 February 2011
Identità Golose (Milano)


The millenarian tradition of a cultuvation which is tied to the Sicilian country, the story of a family which succeded in having knowledge of this cultivation, the passion of a new generation, which is focusing on the future: this combination makes “Fratelli Aprile” one of the most renowned firms in the Sicilian olive oil sector.

Roberto and Daniele Aprile inherited the firm together with moral values which are such as a code of ethics: their tie-in with the Sicilian country and their deep respect for what it generously produces, their will to preserve South West Sicily agricultural and gastronomic heritage and their responsability as part of the country, their care for every olive tree and every single olive oil. » Read complete story


Our extra virgin oils are monocultivar, which means they are obtained by crushing a single variety of olives, in total purity. This process provides our oils with unique aromas and a rafined flavour. Moreover the entire oil production process takes place within the firm to guarantee a superior quality.

» I nostri oli:
» 274°
» Agathae
» L'incanto
» Valle dell'Irminio
» Sesto